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Sku: ITN23146

BAGOLARI is a cotton / silk scarf  made and packaged in Italy.



Bagolari Scarf made in Azarchena.

The scarf you chose is a work of art. He draws inspiration from the seed of Trevigiana playing cards, a symbol of power.

The drawing, repeated following a circular trajectory, forms a mandala. To the texture was added a background composed of white / black geometric elements to enhance the main element and increase the sense of dynamism of the composition. The frames, with two shades of red, maintain the common thread with the design of the stick and increase the contrast with the underlying geometries.

The Bagolari is a cotton / silk scarf made and packaged in Italy.

To preserve the softness and beauty of the scarf you have chosen, avoid contact with water and chemicals and follow the instructions given in the label.

It is an amazing piece to add to your Accessory Collection.


Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 110 × 160 cm


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