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Scarves & Shawls for women – Choose a lady’s scarf made from luxurious cashmere to enjoy an unbeatably soft touch or opt for versatile wool blends.

The scarf (or variations such as the necktie and cravat) have been in wardrobes for over two millenia. The first neckwear has solid historical evidence and was worn by Chinese soldiers in the 3rd century B.C.E.

Give your look an instant style upgrade with this selection of scarves and warm up your outerwear with the most beautiful essentials.

This trending collection of Scarves and gloves are seasonal essentials and will ensure you’re covered when the temperature drops.

These stoles gives your outfit a lift with colour and texture and has something to cheer you up in front of the mirror each morning.

Discover our luxury solid cashmere scarf and shawl in classic Pure Colour Fine Stole Unisex.

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